Millennium Falcon Collection, Day 13: The Legacy Collection

12 OTC 1

OMFG. What else can you say about this thing? I got it from my wonderful, beautiful, sweet, gorgeous, patient, loving, caring, kind wife for our wedding anniversary last year. It is, without a doubt, the greatest single Star Wars toy/play set ever created. Where to start? The thing's loaded with electronics and sounds. There are five or six buttons througout the outer hull, each one that plays multiple sound effects. The engine lights up and glows blue. Any time you move something on the ship, it makes a sound.

12 OTC 9

The landing ramp opens automatically with the press of a button. It makes a sound, and two bright LEDs on the underside of the hull illuminated the ground on either side of the ramp.

12 OTC 8

You can pull the "hidden" cannon out, and it will fire a spring-loaded missile. You can't see it in the above photo, but for the first time an action figure-scale Falcon comes with a lower quad-cannon.

12 OTC 7

On the left side of the ship is a hatch that opens up to reveal the Falcon's escape pod. Opening and closing the hatch, as well as removing and returning the escape pod to its port also play sound effects. On the side of the hull directly above the pod in the photo is a knob that, when twisted, will rotate the satellite dish.

12 OTC 2

The cockpit is large enough to fit four figures. The front seats slide forward and back to accommodate different sized figures. There are lights on the rear bulkhead behind the rear seats. The interior of the cockpit is incredibly accurate...

12 OTC 3

...as is the rest of the interior. The chess table lights up and comes with tiny little figures. The couch around the table is curved just like the real thing.

12 OTC 4

The console and chair Han is sitting at are very close to what is seen on screen, as is the tiny little seat Obi-Wan is sitting on. There is even a training remote included. The same knob that rotates the satellite dish moves the little arm the training remote hangs from. Directly beneath Luke's and Obi-Wan's is the hatch that Han and Lando Calrissian climb through to perform repairs on the ship during The Empire Strikes Back.

12 OTC 5

Although the ship has two quad-cannons, it only comes with one gunnery chair. Not terribly disappointing, though, considering how great this thing is. You can see the lower quad-cannon through the window behind Han.

12 OTC 6

This is the med bay, which is immediately aft of the boarding ramp. There is a small hole which supposedly is going to fit an accessory that comes with a figure or pack of figures later in the line. To the right of the med bay are a set of double doors that allow access to the rear of the ship, but there is no access to what is beyond.

What else can I say. This is an impressive ship, the highlight of my collection. I know its pricey, but I just can't recommend this enough to any Star Wars fan.


Millennium Falcon Month, Day 12: POTF2

11 POTF2 1

This version of the Falcon was released in 1995, and really it is nothing more than the original Kenner Flacon with a fancy paint job and some electronics added. It's not to scale by any stretch, but it's still a necessary ship to add to any Star Wars vehicle collection.

11 POTF2 2

The only bad thing about this ship is that it was originally designed to fit the old-style Kenner action figures, so you can't really fit the larger, beefed-up POTF2 figures in the cockpit or the gunner's station. That's why I've got my old Star Wars figures manning the battle stations. You can also fit the more recent figures in the ship. There's no way that the POTF2 Han Solo or Chewbacca are going to fit in the cockpit, at least at the same time.

11 POTF2 3

For those who don't have one, all the normal stuff you'd expect to move will move. The satellite dish and quad-cannon rotate, landing gear and boarding ramp extend and retract. The one bad thing is that because of the placement of the front landing gear, the Falcon is a little front heavy and will have a tendency to tip forward.

11 POTF2 4

The interior may seem a little sparse, but compared to the interior of the other Kenner ships or even the AT-AT, its downright spacious. There's the chess table, a smuggling compartment, and gunner's chair. It was also fun to open this ship and put it together, there were a lot of decals to put on and that's something I've always enjoyed doing with my toys. The detail on the inside of the ship? That's one, big, continuous decal.

This version of the Falcon has been eclipsed in recent years in terms of being really impressive, but its still an awesome ship and one I'm glad to have in my collection.