GI Joe 25th Anniversary: Snow Serpents

When I was a kid, this guy was my absolute favorite Cobra army builder. This is also the best 25th Anniversary GI Joe figure yet. And I'm not saying that because I am hopelessly biased.

25A Snow Serpents

I also admitted that I am a sick puppy and limited myself to only four of these. Well, plus a fifth one that I am using for a custom figure. Any way, COBRAAAAA!!!!!


Transformers Universe: Prowl and Sunstreaker

Yeah, I said, lots of stuff was coming. And I said it was a month ago. Toys I got. Time, I don't.

These are cool and all this G1 goodness is actually kind of weaning me off the Animated high I was on a for a while there. So if Hasbro keeps these coming,especially the "Autobot Cars," I'll be a happy boy.

Universe Prowl - Silverstreak 1

While the bot modes don't quite match the Classics aesthetic, these are just too damn purty for me to care.

Universe Prowl - Silverstreak 2

Huh? What's that? What does Sunstreaker's license plate say?
WE R 84
Hell, yeah!