Transformers Universe: Prowl and Sunstreaker

Yeah, I said, lots of stuff was coming. And I said it was a month ago. Toys I got. Time, I don't.

These are cool and all this G1 goodness is actually kind of weaning me off the Animated high I was on a for a while there. So if Hasbro keeps these coming,especially the "Autobot Cars," I'll be a happy boy.

Universe Prowl - Silverstreak 1

While the bot modes don't quite match the Classics aesthetic, these are just too damn purty for me to care.

Universe Prowl - Silverstreak 2

Huh? What's that? What does Sunstreaker's license plate say?
WE R 84
Hell, yeah!


mr kang said...

nice to see that you're still addicted~!

i got some new ones too so check them out~!


Bubbashelby said...

I love these guys, and am really looking forward to Ironhide!

puppylove said...

i love sunstreaker! i wish the universe was a little closer to the classics line, but i do love streaker! :D can't wait for his brother... i can't wait to see what else you got! oh, and blitzwing is up on hts again. thought you might want to know. ;)

mr kang said...

About the EMGs, you'll probably want to get a guitar tech/luthier to install them because since they are active, the wiring becomes a bit more complicated.

Let me know if you'd like any more details on this subject.

By the way, what kind of axe do you have?

Heavyarms said...

mr kang: it is a Hamer Standard, which is an Explorer-style guitar. It was actually decent guitar until I broke the neck. Took it to a luthier who fixed it, but the neck has a slight bow to it now, and the strings buzz like crazy on the lower frets. We're scared to adjust the truss rod on it. It has Seymour Duncan pickups, but they're very muddy.

I also have a Charvette that was made by Jackson in Ft. Worth, TX before the line was moved overseas to become the budget version of Charvel. However, I've pulled all the electronics out of it to install a set of the passive pickups by EMG to see if they're any good. I also have to replace the bridge because the block from the original bridge cracked and broke.