Transformers Universe Hound

Remember 1984? Sure you do. You were 8 years old. You got one of those Autobot cars. "WOW!" you thought. "This is cool! An awesome sportscar/jeep/van!" Maybe not a van. "And it even turns into a ROBOT!" Yeah, that robot didn't look JUST like the one on the cartoon. (Well, the one on the package because you didn't get to watch the cartoon.) That robot was only able to move at the shoulders. That robot had some really funky "futuristic-for-the-80's" stickers you had to put on. That didn't matter, though, because Transformers were just about the most awesome thing ever.

Remember later, when you took that Transformer out of the attic and you realized that awesome robot that you thought was so awesomely awesome was just a fancy brick with shoulder joints? Remember when you fell to your knees and cried "WHYYYYYYYYY?" Guess what? Hasbro has steadily been answering your prayers with Classics and Universe figures. These toys are the toys you THOUGHT you were getting when you were 8 years old and retarded.

I have been saying for a while that Classics Mirage is THE BEST ® deluxe TF released in a looooooong time. Well, Hound just kicked him down a notch. BAM!

Universe Hound 1

If you buy Hound and end up not liking him, you have no soul. No, really. You are literally a soulless bastard. Just look at that star on the fender, look at that missile launcher thingy. Look at that sweet 1980's helmet-head.

Universe Hound 2

My only complaint is that Ravage doesn't fit in G1 Soundwave, only in the newer versions of Soundwave that fit two cassettes.


Transformers Universe Hasbro Toy Shop Exclusive Drag Strip

Not going to give a review of the Classics Mirage mold. I've already had my say on that. There are damn few Decepticons in the Classics/Universe G1 Series lines, even fewer appealing molds (I'm lookin' at you, Galvatron.)

Universe Drag Strip 1

Drag Strip is a combination of Decepticon and what I still think is the best Deluxe-size Transformer mold released in the past decade, so Drag Strip is a winner. The only problem is that it is a Hasbrotoyshop.com exclusive, and it is 16 bucks for a ten dollar figure.

Universe Drag Strip 2

If you aren't worried about paying more than you normally would for a deluxe figure, you can't miss with Drag Strip. (If you don't want to pay that much, you could always use the coupon code HOLIDAY25 and knock 25% off the price. I'm just sayin'.)

Universe Drag Strip 3

The paint job isn't as nice as I would like and you can probably see some of the yellow plastic peeking through the purple paint on the head. And when transforming him the first time, I'm almost positive I noticed some of that dreaded "tacky paint." But on the whole, I'm not disappointed with Drag Strip.

Universe Drag Strip 4

Don't really know what else to say. Again, the positives is that Drag Strip can bolster your probably anemic Decepticon ranks, and you get a great figure. The negative is pretty much the cost and possible availability issues.

Universe Drag Strip 5

Them damn Stunticons have to stick together.


GI Joe 25th Anniversary Arctic Snake Eyes and Snow Job

Thanks to Al Gore and ManBearPig we actually got some snow down here in Sportsman's Paradise so I yanked out some snow-themed Joes and took a couple of pictures. I don't really have a review or anything other than to say these two figures are pretty cool.

Snow Day 1

Snow Day 2

I would have gotten some pictures of my Snow Serpents or maybe an AT-AT and some Snowtroopers cavorting about in the snow. But, you know, it was snow so it was cold and wet so screw that.