GI Joe 25th Anniversary Arctic Snake Eyes and Snow Job

Thanks to Al Gore and ManBearPig we actually got some snow down here in Sportsman's Paradise so I yanked out some snow-themed Joes and took a couple of pictures. I don't really have a review or anything other than to say these two figures are pretty cool.

Snow Day 1

Snow Day 2

I would have gotten some pictures of my Snow Serpents or maybe an AT-AT and some Snowtroopers cavorting about in the snow. But, you know, it was snow so it was cold and wet so screw that.


Matt said...


Snow Job.

~Matt Booker

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Nice set up!

Derachi said...

You have more snow than me! And I live in Canada!

Newfoundland, even!

Get to work on WTJP pleeeeease.