Beast Wars Quickstrike.

Alright, technically it's a Beast Metals Quickstrike. Bought this from BBTS for about 10 bucks total. My Predacon show cast is nearing completion.

Quickstrike Package

Beast Wars was a great show. It started me back down the dark road of Transformers collecting. However, the only figures I was interested in were show characters. I'm missing Scorponok and Terrorsaur, both of which I passed on because of their show-accuracy. Or LACK of accuracy.

Quickstrike Beast

I'm also missing all of the Transmetal Preds except for Megatron. I'm having problems with the vacuum-metalized paint coming off the few TM figs I have, so I'm probably going to skip out on all of them.

Quickstrike Bot 1

Quickstrike was actually one of my favorite characters. I don't know why, but I always liked him. Well, actually, I liked all of the Beast Wars characters. It was simply a really good show.

Quickstrike Bot 2

I like all the translucent bits. It really helps the figure stand out. The paint job is nice too. I don't know why I skipped out on this figure when Beast Wars first came out. I also just realized this is the first Beast Wars toy I've ever featured here. I should put a few more up.

Quickstrike Keister


Transformers: Car Robots God Magnus

aka Robots In Disguise Ultra Magnus

A few weeks ago I was over at my usual haunt bragging about the fact that I had just bought my RID Optimus Prime and, as usual, no one was paying attention to me. Or so I thought. A day or so later I got a Private Message from a fellow board member saying he had an extra RID Ultra Magnus and he was willing to part with it for 10 bucks or so plus shipping. The only thing wrong with it was the little tab that holds the front of the cab on was broken.

Car Robots God Magnus 1

He assured me that it did not affect transformation. I told him to give a while to mull it over, clear it with the requisite authorities (wife), etc. and to not feel like he had to hold it for me. "Don't worry," he said, "I've bought a replacement and this was just sitting in the closet. It's not going anywhere."

Car Robots God Magnus 2

Well, a few weeks passed, we exchanged a few PMs and how ya doin's. Pictures of the Transformers Animated Ultra Magnus were released. I watched TF: the Movie (the one from the 80's). I had a fever, and the only cure was more cowbell Ultra Magnus, I was leaning more and more between parting with some of my wife's hard earned money.

Car Robots God Magnus 3

It was a Friday. I was off work, my kids and wife were out of school. There was a knock at the door. I looked out the window to see a UPS truck backing out of the driveway. Quickly, my mind raced through the possibilities. (At any given time there are around 30 packages containing various plastic bits en route to my house.) I opened the box that was sitting on my front porch. And there he was, Car Robots God Magnus. I couldn't remember paying for it, but I forget stuff all the time. So I logged on to send the guy a PM to see what was up. I already had a message waiting for me:

"You should be expecting a package from me. I was going to throw it out anyway before I came across you. Consider it a gift!"

If I told this person "Thank you" a hundred times, it wouldn't be enough. Pictures of the combined form of RiD Prime and Ultra Magnus, Omega Prime/God Fire Convoy are forthcoming. (I already took some pics, but they sucked.) Omega Prime is one of my favorite figures in my collection, and not just because its an awesome figure.

Car Robots God Magnus 4

Oh. You know he can't deal with that now!


RID Prime - FIX'D

A few weeks ago, I showed you my recently purchased RID Prime with...uhhh..."battle damaged" chest.

RID Prime 2

Well, thanks to the generosity of a fellow Robophile, the great and powerful Evil King Macrocranios, I got a replacement chest that looks spiffy and shiny.

RID Prime - New Chest

I also got a sweet little bonus item, my very own copy of The King of All Toy Robots Poem Collections, which is way cooler than any dumb old plastic robot.


Mighty Muggs Iron Man


Greatest Iron Man figure EVER!!!

Mighty Muggs Iron Man 1

You cannot withstand a blast from my mighty uni-beam!!!

Mighty Muggs Iron Man 2

Did someone say Fin Fang Foom??

Mighty Muggs Iron Man 3


GI Joe Character Pics

So, Paramount has released some images of some characters from the upcoming GI Joe movie. Great big MEH! on most of them (it looks like they're going for a glorified Sigma 6 movie), but...

OH MY GOD do I want the Baroness to hurt me like the naughty boy I am!


Superhero Squad Iron Man

Continuing on with the Iron Man theme... I dig the who Galactic/Robot/Superhero Squad thing. I wouldn't say this guy is frawesome (Friggin' awesome), but definitely cool.

Superhero Squad Iron Man

Next time...what is possibly the greatest Iron Man figure ever.



Marvel Legends: Ultimate Iron Man

So I thought I'd go ahead and make this Iron Man week here at Addicted to Plastic. You've already seen two of the excellent movie figures. Ultimate Iron Man I bought a little over a year ago because I wanted an Iron Man figure and didn't have one.

Ultimate Iron Man

He's not a bad figure at all. Like the other two Iron Man figures I've already shown, his armor hinders posing a little, but that's not big deal.

I've never read any of the Ultimate Iron Man books, so I don't know if this is how he fires repulsor blasts or not. There's little thingys on his palms, but there's also wrist thingys ala DC's Deadshot. This way looks less gay.

Ultimate Iron Man - blast

I'm assuming that Ultimate Iron Man takes to the skies just like every other Iron Man, with a sweet dramatic pose.

Ultimate Iron Man - jump

I like this character's design because he looks totally different, yet still feels all Iron Man-y. I just wish there wasn't so much gray on him. Blah.

Ultimate Iron Man - close

And, of course, no Iron Man figure would be complete without a removable helmet.

Ultimate Iron Man - no helmet

Not really. I guess that doesn't really matter. In fact, this is the only Iron Man figure I have that has a removable helmet.


Iron Man Mk III

You did go see Iron Man when I told you, right? You are not allowed to read the rest of this unless you have seen Iron Man. Git, dang it!

This figure is the one I was looking forward to the most from the new Iron Man movie line. It actually took me a while to find a gold variant. Target was the only store that had Iron Man figures for a while, and then it was only the Target-Exclusive Silver Centurion variant, which is nice, but isn't Iron Man. At least to me.

Ironman MkIII 1

My only real gripe is that the armor on the back of the wrist prevents the wrist from being angled fully up, so this is the closest to a "repulsor blast" you can get.

Ironman MkIII 2

It looks like the figure is molded in a metallic plastic (possibly silver) and has a clear read coat painted over it. Every figure I've seen so far has little red smudges on the gold areas. If you're considering getting one make sure you look it over before buying it. I love this profile:

Ironman MkIII Profile

Past and Present:

Ironman both

Iron Man Mk I

I've been sitting on pictures of these figures for a few weeks, but I thought I'd wait until the Iron Man movie opened to put them up.

First up, if you haven't seen the movie yet, go see it. It is totally awesome. I'd rank it up there with Spider-Man and Batman Begins as one of the best superhero movies ever made. It kicks ass! Robert Downey, Jr.'s casting as Tony Stark is PERFECT! That's it, that's my in-depth super-detailed review. Honestly, don't even look at these lame action figure pictures, go watch Iron Man right now!

Took me forever to find this one. Apparently it was short packed. Boo, to you, Hasbro. I like it because because the suit looks like a conglomeration of parts, which is its origin in the movie, and is also an homage to Iron Man's original armor.

Ironman MkI 1

When I tell you that his first appearance in the film is awesome, it would be an understatement. He kicks ass! Here's my take on that "original armor" pose.

Ironman MkI 2

And up close and personal. Kick Ass!

Ironman Mk I Profile

Pics of the red and gold Mk. III armor tomorrow. Go see Iron Man immediately. Tonight. Right now, in fact. In case you didn't notice, I think it kicks ass! MAKE SURE YOU STAY ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE END CREDITS!!! There's a little treat at the end.

NOTE: If this post seemed particularly poorly written and gushy, it was. I geeked all over myself.