Marvel Legends: Ultimate Iron Man

So I thought I'd go ahead and make this Iron Man week here at Addicted to Plastic. You've already seen two of the excellent movie figures. Ultimate Iron Man I bought a little over a year ago because I wanted an Iron Man figure and didn't have one.

Ultimate Iron Man

He's not a bad figure at all. Like the other two Iron Man figures I've already shown, his armor hinders posing a little, but that's not big deal.

I've never read any of the Ultimate Iron Man books, so I don't know if this is how he fires repulsor blasts or not. There's little thingys on his palms, but there's also wrist thingys ala DC's Deadshot. This way looks less gay.

Ultimate Iron Man - blast

I'm assuming that Ultimate Iron Man takes to the skies just like every other Iron Man, with a sweet dramatic pose.

Ultimate Iron Man - jump

I like this character's design because he looks totally different, yet still feels all Iron Man-y. I just wish there wasn't so much gray on him. Blah.

Ultimate Iron Man - close

And, of course, no Iron Man figure would be complete without a removable helmet.

Ultimate Iron Man - no helmet

Not really. I guess that doesn't really matter. In fact, this is the only Iron Man figure I have that has a removable helmet.


Pete said...

Not counting Hulkbuster IM's flip-top cockpit, it's the only 6" scale Iron Man figure WITH a removeable helmet. The next closest is the Prototype IM from the movie toys, in which like 3/4 of the helmet comes off, leaving the base along his lower skull/jaw.

Heavyarms said...

GAAAHHH! You had to bring up Hulkbuster IM. I saw one, ONE in the store and passed on it. I have never seen another one. Arrrgghhh!

Pete said...

Really? I have an extra here that I'm willing to trade...shoot me an email.