Beast Wars Quickstrike.

Alright, technically it's a Beast Metals Quickstrike. Bought this from BBTS for about 10 bucks total. My Predacon show cast is nearing completion.

Quickstrike Package

Beast Wars was a great show. It started me back down the dark road of Transformers collecting. However, the only figures I was interested in were show characters. I'm missing Scorponok and Terrorsaur, both of which I passed on because of their show-accuracy. Or LACK of accuracy.

Quickstrike Beast

I'm also missing all of the Transmetal Preds except for Megatron. I'm having problems with the vacuum-metalized paint coming off the few TM figs I have, so I'm probably going to skip out on all of them.

Quickstrike Bot 1

Quickstrike was actually one of my favorite characters. I don't know why, but I always liked him. Well, actually, I liked all of the Beast Wars characters. It was simply a really good show.

Quickstrike Bot 2

I like all the translucent bits. It really helps the figure stand out. The paint job is nice too. I don't know why I skipped out on this figure when Beast Wars first came out. I also just realized this is the first Beast Wars toy I've ever featured here. I should put a few more up.

Quickstrike Keister

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