Transformers: Car Robots God Magnus

aka Robots In Disguise Ultra Magnus

A few weeks ago I was over at my usual haunt bragging about the fact that I had just bought my RID Optimus Prime and, as usual, no one was paying attention to me. Or so I thought. A day or so later I got a Private Message from a fellow board member saying he had an extra RID Ultra Magnus and he was willing to part with it for 10 bucks or so plus shipping. The only thing wrong with it was the little tab that holds the front of the cab on was broken.

Car Robots God Magnus 1

He assured me that it did not affect transformation. I told him to give a while to mull it over, clear it with the requisite authorities (wife), etc. and to not feel like he had to hold it for me. "Don't worry," he said, "I've bought a replacement and this was just sitting in the closet. It's not going anywhere."

Car Robots God Magnus 2

Well, a few weeks passed, we exchanged a few PMs and how ya doin's. Pictures of the Transformers Animated Ultra Magnus were released. I watched TF: the Movie (the one from the 80's). I had a fever, and the only cure was more cowbell Ultra Magnus, I was leaning more and more between parting with some of my wife's hard earned money.

Car Robots God Magnus 3

It was a Friday. I was off work, my kids and wife were out of school. There was a knock at the door. I looked out the window to see a UPS truck backing out of the driveway. Quickly, my mind raced through the possibilities. (At any given time there are around 30 packages containing various plastic bits en route to my house.) I opened the box that was sitting on my front porch. And there he was, Car Robots God Magnus. I couldn't remember paying for it, but I forget stuff all the time. So I logged on to send the guy a PM to see what was up. I already had a message waiting for me:

"You should be expecting a package from me. I was going to throw it out anyway before I came across you. Consider it a gift!"

If I told this person "Thank you" a hundred times, it wouldn't be enough. Pictures of the combined form of RiD Prime and Ultra Magnus, Omega Prime/God Fire Convoy are forthcoming. (I already took some pics, but they sucked.) Omega Prime is one of my favorite figures in my collection, and not just because its an awesome figure.

Car Robots God Magnus 4

Oh. You know he can't deal with that now!


Evil King Macrocranios said...

Dang! You so lucky! I remember a time not too long ago when God Magnus went for crazy money on Yahoo Japan. It's almost as if there's a shortage of them over there. What a great score.

I always wanted to know what God Magnus sounded like. I have a Fire Convoy and an Ultra Magnus so my GFC is bilingual. I would like to hear one in person someday.

On a somewhat unrelated note, have you ever been to Mechacon? Do you know what it's like,as in how robotty is it, really? I hear it's a stop on the Robotech.com convention tour and it's in Lafayette. The name sounds interesting but when I go to the Mechacon site the dealer's room layout doesn't look all that robotty to me. Wizards Realm and Weasel Hats? I mean, what does that have to do with mecha?

Anonymous said...

Omega Prime/God Fire Convoy FTW...

And this shows that Magnus will always be better as a new figure instead of just a repainted Prime *nods*

Pete said...

I lurve, lurve RID Magnus.

He's one of the few large TFs I keep out all the time, because I'll just pick him up at random and start playing with him. I don't care if he's a partformer or not--he's made of awesome!

BTW, you still need to get in touch with me if you want that Hulkbuster IM.

Heavyarms said...

EKM - I haven't put batteries in it yet, but I will and send you a few sound files if I can figure out how to do it.

I have been to Mechacon for 2 of its three years and may go to this year's also. I will send you an e-mail with more info.

B-r-u-t-e - I usually don't mind white Prime repaints, but with this one and Animated Magnus coming up, I'm really starting to agree with those that say "NO MORE REPAINTS!"

Pete - D'oh!!! I forgot you offered and I screwed up and ordered my quota of plastic crap for this month. With Animated coming out next month, I don't think my pocketbook could handle any more. I really appreciate the offer, but I'm gonna have to turn it down.

Anonymous said...

See, i've never been a big fan of the white Prime repaints (It's a cheap, lazy way for Hasbro/TakaraTomy to make money IMO), except for Armada Bendy Magnus but Animated Magnus has got me excited like a 7 year old...

Pete said...

Well, he's been hanging on my wall for the better part of two years now. He'll wait for ya. :D

Josh Miller said...

Except this is the Magnus that CAN deal with it now. Because RiD Magnus is "Badass Magnus" who doesn't take crap from nobody.