Transformers Universe Hasbro Toy Shop Exclusive Drag Strip

Not going to give a review of the Classics Mirage mold. I've already had my say on that. There are damn few Decepticons in the Classics/Universe G1 Series lines, even fewer appealing molds (I'm lookin' at you, Galvatron.)

Universe Drag Strip 1

Drag Strip is a combination of Decepticon and what I still think is the best Deluxe-size Transformer mold released in the past decade, so Drag Strip is a winner. The only problem is that it is a Hasbrotoyshop.com exclusive, and it is 16 bucks for a ten dollar figure.

Universe Drag Strip 2

If you aren't worried about paying more than you normally would for a deluxe figure, you can't miss with Drag Strip. (If you don't want to pay that much, you could always use the coupon code HOLIDAY25 and knock 25% off the price. I'm just sayin'.)

Universe Drag Strip 3

The paint job isn't as nice as I would like and you can probably see some of the yellow plastic peeking through the purple paint on the head. And when transforming him the first time, I'm almost positive I noticed some of that dreaded "tacky paint." But on the whole, I'm not disappointed with Drag Strip.

Universe Drag Strip 4

Don't really know what else to say. Again, the positives is that Drag Strip can bolster your probably anemic Decepticon ranks, and you get a great figure. The negative is pretty much the cost and possible availability issues.

Universe Drag Strip 5

Them damn Stunticons have to stick together.


agentmorris said...

I got mine in the mail yesterday, and I can't believe that Hasbro didn't paint the entire head.

The packaging is awesome, but the figure gets a B+ for the dodgy paint.

I still dig him, though. That Mirage mold is one of my all time favorite TF molds ever.

LEon said...

Great and detail review you got there. Thanks for sharing. :)

Heavyarms said...

@LEon - welcome!