Transformers Universe - Acid Storm, Galvatron

I've been sitting on these for a while. I love the Classics Seekers mold. I'm a big Starscream fan, but not so much the rest of the so-called "Seekers." I think its really funny that there is much rending of garments and gnashing of teeth amongst the fandom because the only way you can complete the original seekers by buying really ultra-expensive Botcon Exclusives or really ultra-expensive Japanese something-or-others. Me, I'd prefer Hasbro release these homages to bots that only appeared in a single frame in the original cartoon, if just to piss off the whiners.

Universe Acid Storm-Galvatron 1

But for those of you that just insist on whining, consider Acid Storm to be REALLY just an homage to Machine Wars Thundercracker. There ya go, camper, feel better?

Universe Acid Storm-Galvatron 2

You'll notice I haven't said anything about Galvatron. That's because I just don't care one way or the other for him. I bought it for two reasons. One, it was on sale for $7.77 at Wal-Mart and I'm a sucker for a good deal. Two, I wanted him to go with the Universe Cyclonus coming out. But now that pictures of the final product have been shown, I'm kind of disappointed in it, too. So, yeah. Galvatron. He was pretty cool in the movie, I guess.


mr kang said...

nice to see that your deluxe collection is coming along.

mine are still sealed up and pinned up on my wall.

by the way...did you notice that the autobots significantly outnumber the decepticons in the first few waves?

Heavyarms said...

I think it is because Hasbro is focusing the "Classics" figures on the '84-'85 figures, and there was a disproportionate amount of 'Bots to 'Cons. (18 Autobots to 9 Decepticons in '84 and and 25 Autobots to 20 Decepticons, 6 of which were Constructicons, in '85.)

There's just a larger pool of Autobots to pull from.

Matt said...

Put your Galvy in a shoulder charge pose and you'll feel much better about him. :D (I'd link an example, but am lazy. It's in the action pose thread, though.)

~Matt Booker

agentmorris said...

I really hate Universe 2.0 Galvatron. You were fortunate to get yours to stand up. All mine wants to ever do is fall over.

He's now leaning to the back of one of my shelves. And I had really high hopes for that one, too.


Matt said...

Galvatron 1


Galvatron 2

That pose alone justifies this figure to me. I also like his complexity.

Though it would've been interesting to see it as a voyager.

~Matt Booker

Heavyarms said...

@agentmorris (wassup?) - yeah, I'm just not real happy with Galvy. No amount of shoulder-charging action is going to fix that. I really only got it because I anticipated getting Universe Cyclonus and wanted Galvatron to go with him, but after seeing the final product, I wasn't impressed with it, either.