Clone Trooper Figures

Finally came across an Elite Corps Trooper figure and had to get it. Briefly considered getting a Death Star Gunner figure, but eventually passed. The figure is nice, seems to be a simple repaint of the Vintage Collection Biker Scout, which would mean the figure is not movie accurate. Review forthcoming.

What I like most about this, is that this means that a new wave of figures is coming to my area. There are a lot of clone trooper figures in the set, as well as two great clone trooper "Battle Packs." I'm a sucker for Stormtrooper figures, and this has me excited. In the newest wave of figures Clone Troopers are coming out with the following markings:
#57 442nd Seize Battalion
#59 5th Fleet Security
#60 Clone Trooper Sergeant (Attack of the Clones
#69 Combat Engineer
There's also two Battle Packs:
Jedi Temple Assault, comes with Darth Vader (Anakin), three 501st Legion troopers (which were, unfortunately not based on the super-articulated trooper figure, and a Clone Pilot.
Betrayal on Felucia, comes with Aayla Secura, Commander Bly, and three 327th Star Corps troopers (which, to my knowledge, have never been available as single figures.

Don't know how long these items have been out in the rest of the world, but they're here in Baton Rouge now.

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