Transformers Universe Silverbolt

A lot of people are complaining that Silverbolt isn't worth the $24.99 you pay for him. "That's too much to pay for a Voyager-sized Transformer with electronics." Well, I got him for $19.99, so my opinion may be a little skewed, but I think he's totally worth it.

Universe Silverbolt - Jet

He's got a very G1-vibe to him; in alt-mode he's an airplane with a folded up robot hanging on the bottom and in bot-mode he's a robot with a folded airplane hanging its the back. Not terribly creative or as "exciting" or Transformically complex as some of the more modern Transformers...

Universe Silverbolt - bot

...but therein lies the figure's charm, I think. The beauty of the Classics line (and the "Classiverse" figures) is that they're all Gee Wun-ish and everything, but they aren't vehicles that unfold in to robot shaped bricks. Or as some people like to say, these figures actually are what we THOUGHT G1 figures were like 25 years ago.

Universe Silverbolt - closeup

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