Transformers Animated Grimlock, Snarl, Swoop

I never got the Dinobot thing when I was a kid. I liked them okay, I guess, but I didn't have the G1 toys and they weren't really something I ever thought about pestering my parents to get. All the other kids thought that they were just the greatest things ever. There was even a club of Transformers fans in my 4th grade class that assigned everyone Transformers names. The coolest five kids got the names of the Dinobots.

I got to be Thrust.

Animated Dinobots-alt

I never really understood this phenomenon until recently. Why didn't I freak out over the Dinobots like all the other kids? Why didn't I think Grimlock was the greatest Autobot ever created? Next to Optimus Prime, of course. Well, as it turns out, the internet is good for a lot more than just Youtube and porn. There are also legions of disaffected fans everywhere that gather around and complain about little plastic robots, and the various retard-osities of their associated media. These places are otherwise known as message boards.

It was here I finally learned the reason for my apathy of the Dinobots. They are idiots. Retards. Comics and back stories be damned, the Grimlock I saw in the G1 cartoon and in the movie was a moron. This is also the reason the Dinobots appealed to 9 year old boys. Most of them were morons, too.

Animated Dinobots

That said, I actually did have a Dinobot I liked better than all the others. Slag. I always liked Triceratops, and I guess since Slag was one, I liked him, too. So in my house Animated Snarl's real name is Slag.


Matt Booker said...

Dude. Thrust would be an awesome nickname once you hit high school.

~Matt Booker

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Nice dinobots collection. I remember the G1 Swoop was a real rare piece.

Sayer said...

They're dinosaurs that turn into robots, simultaneously the two favorite things in the average 9 year old boy's life.

To be fair though, I really only liked Grimlock, but that was probably only because he was the only dinobot with any character development (such as it was) in the cartoons

breaker said...

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