Millennium Falcon Collection, Day 14: Extraordinaire

So, here it is, the gem of my MF collection, the piece de resistance . This Falcon was actually a display piece at Toys R Us stores across the country. It is not in-scale with the actual prop used in the movie. Instead, it is a large scale mock-up of the POTF2 version right on down to the decals. There were only about 700 of these ships made.

13 Ex 1

Around 1998 or so (I'm not really sure), the Rosie O'Donnell show held a raffle that you could enter to win one of 500 of these beasts. About three or four months after we entered, I got a note that I had won the ship. There was a letter that I had to sign that said I would never use it for profitable purposes or sell it . I had to have this letter notarized and return it. A month or so after that, there was a giant-ass box waiting for me at the front door.

This thing is huge. Standing on its tail it is six feet tall. I included my Legacy Collection Falcon as a size reference. For the first three years or so of my marriage it was suspended from the ceiling of my play room. The only thing you could do was sit under it, though. I said it was HUGE. Sadly, they were given away on an "as-is" basis, and as you could imagine, the couple of years most spent on display were rough on these ships. Mine show evidence of being under a skylight, it is very yellowed near the right rear of the ship, which would be the part directly perpendicular to an overhead skylight. Several of the decals have fallen off as well, and one of the electric lights from the top has fallen in the ship. It's still a beautiful piece though.

13 Ex 2


Anonymous said...

TRUELY an awesome piece... if it were mine i'd build a bracket and hang it on the wall in the living room.

Rawpower95 said...

I didn't realize the size of it until you said it was 6 feet long... Wow. That thing is longer than I am tall.

Matt Booker said...

You really need a human standing next to it for size reference.

If not you, a kid or something.

I totally glossed over the 6ft thing until I saw it in Rawpower's comment.

~Matt Booker

chunky B said...

I remember these hanging in Toys R Us in the nineties, this is really a nice piece, I am in awe of your Falcon collection.

You know you could find a sticker sheet from a falcon toy, scan it and resize it to make replacement stickers. Just a thought.

Rex Venom said...

Rock on