Star Wars: 41st Elite Troopers

41st Elite Troopers

Yoda, Commander Gree, and some of their buddies.


Evil King Macrocranios said...

Are these sold as some sort of set or did you get them one by one? Does the biker scout come with two different blasters? I don't follow Star Wars aside from listening to SW Action News podcast but you can tell by my questions I don't pay attention.

And come on, you've never sold any Star Wars figures in a garage sale? That's an American initiation into manhood!

Heavyarms said...

Yoda, Commander Gree, and the two biker scouts were bought separately. The two clone troopers are from Target Exclusive "Order 66" 2-packs (with Yoda). Got them on clearance for about 4 bucks.

Are you kidding me? ALL of my Transformers and about half of my Star Wars and GI Joes fell victim to what I refer to as "the Great Garage Sale Purge" perpetrated by my dad. I'll never let him forget it, either. I attribute much of this sickness I have for El Plastico to HIM.