Transformers Robot Heroes

I really dig these figures.

RH Decepticons

RH Autobots

And the Chaos Bringer
RH Unicron


Evil King Macrocranios said...

I've got the same ones. I can't quite commit to the Wal-Mart giftset yet. Maybe after it's gone from the shelves I'll feel like I should have bought it and try to track it down.

You gonna get the Beast Wars and movie ones?

Heavyarms said...

I can't find that damn Wal-Mart set anywhere. I'd pick it up if I could, if only for Skywarp and Cliffjumper.

Beast Wars, yes. Movie ones...I haven't bought any, yet, and I'm not planning on it. (Although, I did see a sticker set at reprolabels that you could use to turn movie Ironhide into a fairly sweet Trailbreaker, so I AM tempted...)

Heavyarms said...

I haven't bought any MOVIE FIGURES, yet I should say.