Transformers: Robot Heroes Decepticon Sneak Attack

Continuing on with Hasbro's Robot Heroes G1 themed Transformer figures, this is a Wal-Mart Exclusive 5-pack that retails(ed?) for $9.99, and consists solely of repaints. Cliffjumper is the (inevitable) repaint of the Robot Heroes Bumblebee figure. Optimus Prime is a repaint of his 2-pack incarnation with a slightly brighter paint scheme (I prefer the 2-pack version.) Megatron gets a metallic paint scheme this time around, and looks much better than the 2-pack version. Skywarp is a repaint of the Starscream/Thundercracker figure. You either like Seeker repaints or you don't. I do, I know others don't.

Robot Heroes Decepticon Sneak Attack

Mirage is a clear version of the 2-pack version and, truth be told, I'd have paid 10 bucks for this figure alone. He's just plain awesome.


Evil King Macrocranios said...

I am boycotting all red repaints of Bumblebee named "Cliffjumper" until either a)Cliffjumper starts getting his own mold or b) red Bumblebee gets a unique name. Every red Bumblebee Hasbro sells sends them the message that people don't want new characters, they just want Bumblebee in different colors. So when the day comes that an entire line of Transformers is nothing but multiple Bumblebees painted to look like everybody else, don't come crying to me.

Heavyarms said...

Yeah but as soon as they do that, Transformer fanboys every where would be whining "Waaahhhh! Cliffjumper is SUPPOSED to look like Bumblebee, only red!!!!"

What Hasbro NEEDS to do is stop releasing yellow Cliffjumpers BEFORE they release the real Cliffjumper.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Hey check this out- going from left to right we have rhythm guitar, then lead guitar, drummer, singer and bass player. Or maybe red Bumblebee is playing keyboard. It's like one of those LOLCATS pictures that would get captioned with something like "Invisible Concert". It turns out "Decepticon Sneak Attack" is actually a band.

Heavyarms said...

They do a pretty mean cover of Aqualung. "Im in ur concert hall, playin ur Jethrotull."

Jumper is the band's flautist.

thebleakranger said...

Nothing says rock like a flute.