Transformers: Generation 1 Perceptor

I didn't have a whole lot of Transformers as a kid. I can probably count the ones I had on two hands. That's not because I was deprived, I wasn't. I got a new Star Wars figure every Friday from my dad for a few years, and I got a crapload of GI Joe stuff later on (including my pride and joy, a Cobra Night Raven, which is currently undergoing restoration.) I liked Transformers a lot, I just didn't ask for them, so I didn't get many.

Perceptor was one of the few TFs in my collection and, unfortunately, he did not survive the Great Garage Sale Purge. I haven't really thought about him much, despite my growing TF collection. Maybe it's because he's a G1 figure, and to be honest, I'm not much of a G1 fan when it comes to the toys. But I came across this figure a few months ago and the price was right, so I got him. He's only missing two of his three missiles and the joint on one of his shoulders is a little damaged, but other than that, he's in great condition. (And if anyone has a junker Perceptor with a good shoulder joint or a few spare Perceptor missles, drop me a line.)

Yeah, its true, he turns into a microscope...

Perceptor alt mode

...a microscope that could kick your ass!

Perceptor bot mode


Evil King Macrocranios said...

This wasn't the red figure I was expecting from you! Do I have to aska you directly?

Heavyarms said...

Man, you've got some NERV.

Alright, fine, you don't have to Asuka me a-Gendo. I'll shine a Rei of sunlight into your life. This Friday I'll post pictures of something red and gorgeous that leaves Misato-sfied.


Benjamin Meyer said...

Need a photo of the tank mode!