Wal-Mart Exclusive Masterpiece Starscream: A Photo Essay

Oh, I love him so much. Y'all just don't know.
Here's a nice "pad" shot of him:

Starscream alt 2

Here's a shot with him holding the Megatron gun that comes with Masterpiece Optimus:

Starscream alt 1

And one with his Classics and G1 little brothers:

Starscream Group 1

Starscream Group 2


Starscream bot 3

"See you back at the base" pose I ripped off from Robot Heroes Starscream:

Starscream bot 2

Die, Autobot SCUM!

Starscream bot 1

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Anonymous said...

FINALLY somebody posed this figure correctly in jet mode (at least the first picture). The first photo, in jet mode, has the missles attached to the wings instead of the null ray cannons (even though the other pictures below it have the cannons attached in jet mode, like I said, it was done correctly in the first photo). Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp NEVER had their cannons attached to their wings in jet mode. They had missles in jet mode. About 99 percent of the people who pose these masterpiece seekers in jet mode attach the cannons to the wings instead of the missles which is totally incorrect and just annoys me like crazy. Also, FINALLY, somebody posed this figure correctly in robot mode as well. The wings are supposed to be down against the figure's body as they are in these pictures. Where this is concerned too about 99 percent of the people who pose these in robot mode pose them with the wings raised up. This too is incorrect. People need to look at the cartoons where both of these issues are concerned. Starcream's, Thundercracker's, and Skywarp's wings are "laying" against their bodies. They are NOT raised up. Thank you heavyarms for getting this right. Thank you so very much. I think that you're the only person that I have seen to do this correctly. Well, I might have seen it done correctly literally one other time.