Transformers Movie: Evac

For my main thoughts on Evac see my previous post re: Transformers Movie Incinerator. Just substitute the word "Evac" everywhere it says "Incinerator." Well, except for the part where I talk about not having any hands, you can come back here after that...

Evac alt mode

Back? Good. So, I didn't really care for the Voyager-size Blackout figure. The movie characters, to me at least, look like giant bugs, walking clumps of auto parts, or giant wads of aluminum foil. Part of what appealed to me with G1 Transformers (and most characters from subsequent lines) was the fact that, though they were alien robots, they were very human in their appearance. I think these two figures return to that original aura the Transformers I've come to know had. Or at least they come close.

Evac bot mode

The toy representation of Blackout's whirling blade weapon thingy didn't really work for Blackout. But it does work for Evac. I don't know why, but it does. Don't argue, just go with it. Evac is love, plain and simple. Pure, plastic love.

Evac action pose


puppylove said...

wow, he is pretty cool. i am still going to try & hold off on transformers from the movie for now...i will wait not-so-patiently for the tf animated ones...still, evac is very cool!

Heavyarms said...

Well I, for one, certainly understand that the Movie toys aren't right for everyone. I'm not even sure they're right for me. Maybe these two (Evac and Incinerator) are just placebo purchases, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.