Transformers Movie: Incinerator

Okay. I admit it. I have hated the Movie figures. I just don't dig the Bayness of them (thank's teresa!) In fact, of the few Movie toys I do own, none of them actually appeared in the film in the form in which I own them (see First Strike Optimus Prime). But the newest wave of Voyager-size "Allspark Power" figures...I'm really starting to dig these. I also have to admit that if you take a Transformer and give him a sweet alt-mode (like, say, a V-22 Osprey), I can be sucked in.

Incinerator alt mode

So, when I walked in to Wal-Mart and saw Incinerator sitting on the shelf I had to put him in the basket. Reading Lamezoid's blog, plus a few others, I noticed a few who were expressing reservations about some of his shortcomings. Namely, the fact that he don't got no hands.

Incinerator bot mode

Normally, I'm really put off by Transformers that are missing body parts. Hands, feet, personalities, what have you. But for some reason, maybe it's the sweet alt-mode, maybe its the fact that he has a smirk on his face, I really don't mind it so much on Incinerator. I'm really glad I got him, and that's not something I can say for some of the other Movie toys I own.

Incinerator action pose

A word of caution, though. Be careful when transforming him. There are two pieces you have to transform in the knee area, and one is attached to the other by a very small peg. If you don't do these parts in the correct order, you are going to break that peg. I did on one leg. It isn't something that really affects the figure, or is even noticeable, but it is something to be aware of.


Anonymous said...

Just one small detail annoyance with this, the proprotor nacelles are actually attached to it backwards (they are reversed on the aircraft) Hopefully they fix this in future versions or perhaps there is a way to manually update them ourselves to the correct sides...... As a member of the V-22 program for nearly 20 years, I am extremely excited to see this!

Heavyarms said...

Glad you brought that up. I meant to mention it in the post, I THOUGHT that the little intakes should be on the bottom of the nacelle instead of the top. They're upside down, right? I wonder how hard that would be to fix...

Anonymous said...

do the nacells tilt?

Anonymous said...

do the nacells tilt?