Transformers Movie: First Strike Optimus Prime

I don't like the movie toys. I own four toys from the movie line and none of them because they were in the movie. I have the Target-exclusive G1-themed Jazz, which I got because it's alt mode is a really sweet homage to G1 Jazz. I have the Real Gear Booster X10 because it's a really sweet homage to G1 Laserbeak. I have Ironhide because I want to turn this one into a really sweet homage to G1 Trailbreaker (currently in progress). And finally, I have the Voyager class First Strike Optimus Prime because he's a really sweet homage to G1 (and most subsequent) Optimus Primes.

First Strike OP alt mod

I have to admit, even though I'm not crazy (read: HATE) the Bayformer aesthetic, I do dig this toy. His vehicle mode is really awesome and it makes me want to run out and buy a Kenworth and paint it just like this and drive around, giving all 10 year old boys a hearty thumbs up and blast from the airhorn and all 31 year old, overweight Comic Book Guy look alikes heart attacks.

First Strike OP bot mode

While I refuse to grant Baytimus Prime and his toy incarnations admittance to the Studio 54 that is my toy robot room, the bouncer will wave this version right on in.


puppylove said...

i was so bummed with the paint job on my voyager optimus i would up painting him a little to make him look a little better...

i like the toys, but i don't love them. i love my classics...i actually love the robot heros version of the movie toys better, because it sort of mitigates the bay-ness factor.

Heavyarms said...

The Classics line was just a pure G1 fanwank love fest. And, of course, I am of the opinion that every future Transformers line should follow in their footsteps.

But what do I know.

Pics, pics, pics, teresa. If you paint something, you gotta show everybody what it looks like. It's only fair. ;-)

Dan said...

You know, having seen your images of this guy, I think I like this color scheme more than the Robo-Vision version. I may have to pick it up if I see it. Wanna trade?

Heavyarms said...

Don't know about a trade per se, but I tell you what, if you're serious, I'll find you a First Strike Prime in package and trade you that for a (opened is fine) Robo-Vision Prime. We have First Strike Primes all over the place here.

Josh Miller said...

I don't know why I didn't see this earlier.

First Stike Prime, all that orangeness. He's 'Classics Stacks"!

You know, the Gobot. He would go great with Movie Fracture aka "Classics Crasher".

Heavyarms said...


I was just reading a review of Stacks the other day. I can totally see it. Unfortunately, I think the orange-ish-ness is due to my crappy camera more than it is the actual figure.