Transformers Movie Jazz G1 Repaint

The other day at Target I noticed they had a bunch of the Movie Jazz G1 Repaints on clearance. I've stayed clear of the movie toys for the most part, I'm really not crazy about the new movie character designs and they don't really translate well to toy form. However, since the deluxe-size figures are packaged in vehicle mode, this one grabbed my attention. And at a clearance price of 7 bucks, I couldn't pass it up. I've got to say that out of the package and in my hands, Jazz's alt-mode looks pretty sweet and is a darn good homage to his G1 incarnation.

Transformers Movie Jazz G1 Repaint Alt Mode

Unfortunately, any sweetness points Jazz gets for his awesome alt-mode are completely lost because of this monstrosity...

Transformers Movie Jazz G1 Repaint Bot Mode

While I don't like the movie designs, I thought Jazz was actually kind of sleek and athletic looking in the film. Unfortunately, the toy's bot mode is stocky and, like one of my old high school girlfriends he's got thunder-thighs. What the hell is up with his hands? He doesn't even hold his "sword" (as the packaging describes his weapon, even though it is painfully obvious this is a sniper-rifle)(albeit, assembled with an upside down barrel) in his hand, it attaches to a hole on the inside of the forearm. I'm really leaning toward getting Takara/Tomy's Encore Jazz that will be released later this year/early next year (I forget) just to make up for this...thing. Jazz gets an "A+" for alt-mode, and "F-" for bot-mode. I doubt I'll ever take him out of alt-mode again.


viscous said...

Those G1 type movie toys seem to have sold out here pretty quickly. Myself, I got the Jazz just to have a "Classics" Jazz, but if they actually come out with a proper one in Universe/Classics 2.0, I plan to sell the movie one.

Heavyarms said...

I still see Rescue Ratchet, Thundercracker, and G1 Starscream in a few places, but this was the only time I've seen Jazz in the wild.

I really do like the alt-mode, though.

steven said...

every jazz (regular,final battle and this jazz) have those type of hands its just how it is GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Heavyarms said...

Oh, I'm over it. Still doesn't change the fact that Regular Jazz, G1 Jazz and Battle Damage Jazz' hands suck.