GI Joe 25th Anniversary Firefly

Oooh, I hope they come out with Firefly! That was my first reaction when Hasbro announced the 25th Anniversary GI Joe line. This guy has always been my favorite Joe character. Something about his "makes no guarantees and gives no refunds" story just appealed to me. Yeah, the body is just a repaint of the 25A Beachhead figure, and the head is just a repaint of 5-pack Storm Shadow (and, curiously, Beachhead's head would have been perfect), but I still love this figure. I'd been making daily trips to Wal-Mart on my lunch break in hopes of finding him, and finally gave up about a week ago. Then I stopped by Target this weekend and there he was, hidden behind some Storm Shadows.

Words can't describe how awesome this figure is. It's not the most advanced figure ever, nor the most detailed, but as far as play factor and the ability to hold kick-ass poses, I'd rank him right up there with Classics Mirage and my Toynami VF-1A Valkyrie (pictures of that one to come). So here Firefly is in all his awesome, saboteur-ish badassedness.

25th Ann GI Joe Firefly

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