Yamato Macross VF-19 Game Color Edition

Alright, this one's dedicated to the The King. I picked this up a few years ago on eBay. I won't mention where I got it, because they sent me the wrong thing twice before sending the right item. I had to pay to ship it back to them twice, and I didn't even get a shipping refund! Yamato VF-19 Game Color Fighter

It's probably the best looking and least fun Variable fighter I own. It's partially die-cast. It's heavy. Because of its design, I ended up chipping some of the paint of during the first trasformation. To top it off, some of the gray plastic is starting to yellow. I keep this thing in a room that the sun never shines directly on. I keep the blinds drawn at all times, and it still yellowed slightly. GAH!!!

Yamato VF-19 Game Color Battroid

Some robo-plastico die-castico love. Hail to the King, baby!


Evil King Macrocranios said...

Was it Action HQ? i'm having a problem with them right now that's irking me a bit.

That VF-19 is still very pretty even if slightly yellowed. I've read lots of posts on the MW boards from people whose early Yamato valks yellowed in the boxes. It sucks that there's no way around it after you pay so much! I think Yamato went way too white on those early ones and now they tint them slightly to offset the natural yellowing.

That's partly why I just open everything now-to offset uneven yellowing. Once I bought a Joon's VF-1J Angel Bird that was kept in robot mode it's window box and it yellowed horribly because the store owner had it in the shop's window. But the non-sunlight exposed areas were still bone white. Somehow it's easier to swallow when a $15 bootleg yellows than when a $150 Yamato does.

Heavyarms said...

It was Treasure Island Toys, Inc. I had gotten sniped on ebay a few times trying to get a YF-19, and they had this one for about 50 bucks. They ended up shipping me a Yamato VF-1A few times before sending me the right one.

Unless I cam across one for, like, 10 bucks, I doubt I'll ever pay a Yamato Valkyrie again.

I wish I had gotten a Joon's back when they were affordable. Those were sweet.