GI Joe 25th Anniversary Cobra F.A.N.G. and Cobra C.L.A.W.


Alright, we've gone over all the toys I got for my birthday, now we're doing all the stuff I got for Christmas. I got this set just for the FANG. I could care less about some glorified hang glider. The FANG was one of the few Joe vehicles I wanted but never actually had when I was a kid. I don't know why, in a toy line full of Rattlers and AWE Strikers and Night Ravens, this plain little helicopter appealed to me.


There's not really much to say about it. I wish some of the earlier 25A figures were better engineered. Because of their infamous "diaper crotches" they can't assume a sitting pose, so that means no Cobra Troopers piloting the FANG (as pictured in the box art. I guess it looks okay with the Viper pilot, which is kind of a reverse color of the regular 25A Viper. Definitely looks better with Wild Weasel or an AVAC piloting it.


One interesting thing about the CLAW is that this is not the original mold. The orginal '84 version of the CLAW had landing gear, retractable wingtips and movable ailerons. I don't know enough about GI Joe to know where this updated mold came from, though.


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

The colour scheme seems a bit odd.

LEon said...

maybe is because of the overexposure of the photos.

Most of these G.I Joe price range is quite affordable I must say even with the vehicle. I hope they remain that way.

Anonymous said...

Very cool. Do you put your collection in some sort of display case as well or do you shoot them and then put them back in their packages? If you had a display case, please share!


Heavyarms said...

@KrWz - I do not keep most of my stuff in the package, I think they should be free like Willy. However, I keep a few of the packages if I like the artwork, or need them to keep accessories or something (Revoltech figures, for instance.).

As for disply, I just use a random assortment of desks and discount store shelving and old entertainment centers and stuff.

Rawpower95 said...

Actually, the C.L.A.W. is what interests me most about this set. I need it for Scarlett to complete my "Snake Eyes catches Storm Shadow's Sword" display based on the scene from issue #21 of the comic, "Silent Interlude".