Transformers Universe Inferno

Universe Inferno 1

I'm unemployed right now, so Universe Inferno represents my last toy purchase until I find gainful unemployment again. Now, before you get all ornery and say "You know, if you're unemployed you probably shouldn't be buying a lot of toys" let me say that I have been looking for Inferno for about a month and a half and have not seen him in the wild yet. I got birthday money from my parents, and said "screw driving all over creation looking for it, I'll just order it." So I ordered it from HTS. The day after it shipped out, I got laid off.

Universe Inferno 2

I'd like to say that I have some humorous correlation between unemployment and buying plastic toys, but I don't. When you have money to spend, these things look great and you want to buy lots of them. When you don't have money to spend, you start buying HY-TOP® brand ketchup and Better Valu® brand beans. You buy one week's groceries at a time, and tell yourself "I don't really need that brand new Star Wars Snowtrooper that I've been waiting 25 years for, let alone six of them."

Universe Inferno 3

So, here he is. I really should be enjoying Universe Inferno because he's sweet and all. Anyone want to see my resume?

Universe Inferno 4


Matt said...

*is now on the lookout for a Snowtrooper to send you*

I won't order one, mind you. But if I see one in the wild...

~Matt Booker

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Nice inferno in modern fire engine. It quite ani-correct

agentmorris said...

Laid off!?! That's terrible news, Heavy. Be strong and I'm sure things will work out somehow. Good luck.

And, oh yeah, on a far less serious and on-topic note--- Voyager Inferno is a wonderful figure, indeed.

Derachi said...

Oh man, bummer... I hope you get a job soon. I assume this is why WTJP was delayed, and that's totally understandable. Good luck, bud!

Rocket said...

Good luck man!!!! Keep posting, keep making your dreams come true and keep your kitchen full (and the most important: find a balance between all this). I'm not kidding, I enjoy a LOT your blog and share many feelings. The difference is that I'm Brazilian, our Gi JOE are rare (and crap), our toys costs zillions )actually, hundreds...), and I sit in front of your blog having nice and sweet dreams. You give me hope, a sweet children's hope, and that's very nice to me.