Transformers Animated Ultra Magnus

Here's how it is with this illness I and my fellow collectors have. I had Animated Ultra Magnus on my Christmas list for 2008. However, sightings of the toy in my area were few and far between. I mean, I saw him in the 10 or so local stores I regularly check out once. A few weeks later I saw another one and went through this thought process...
1) He's already on my Christmas list.
2) People buying stuff for me may not find Ultra Magnus.
3) I'm SURE someone will be sending me money.
THEREFORE: I'll go ahead and buy it for myself because:
A) If no one else gets it for me, I'm covered and
B) if I somehow DO get it, I can return this one for a refund or try and hook a fellow TFINO that may be looking for one up.

Magnanimous is what I am.

Animated Ultra Magnus 1

Anyway, Christmas came and went and I didn't get Ultra Magnus, and I didn't get any money, so that whole plan was shot to hell but I kept him anyway. Addicted to Plastic is also what I am. There are a lot of people that complain about Ultra Magnus, and I'll tell you what kind of people those are. Picky people. People who gotta complain about stuff for the sake of complainin' about stuff. THOSE kind of people. Why do I say that? Because if Hasbro had just done what they usually do and repainted Animated Optimus Prime in white and blue, they'd have been complaining about that.

Animated Ultra Magnus 2

Now, I'm not going to tell you that this is the greatest Ultra Magnus toy ever released. (I still have a special place in my heart reserved for RID Magnus (Car Robots God Magnus, that is.) But he's still a damn fine figure. I really, REALLY, like the Animated aesthic and Ultra Magnus captures his cartoon likeness nicely, thanks.

Animated Ultra Magnus 3

His alt-mode is some kind of heavily armed military missile carrier thingy. He's loaded with sound and light-up effects. If you manage to find one, and you don't mind shelling out the 40 or so bucks, go ahead.

Animated Ultra Magnus 4

I should offer up this disclaimer, though. I had a Target coupon for $10 off Leader class figures, plus a $5-off Happy Meal Coupon, so I got my Ultra Magnus for about 25 bucks. Had I paid another 15 bucks for him, I might feel differently. I can't say for certain, but I don't think so. Wishy-washy. I'm also that, too. One thing is certain, though. Unlike that Optimus Prime repaint from G1...

Animated Ultra Magnus 5

...he can deal with that now.


Matt said...

I really like Ultra Magnus. I really do.

But I couldn't deal with his shoulders. The articulation taunted me.

It probably doesn't help that it takes alot for me to like things that are bigger than deluxe class, and it gets worse beyond voyagers.

~Matt Booker

Matt said...


~Matt Booker

Heavyarms said...

I'm surprised you haven't come up with a fix to make his shoulders better.

Re: TFINO...did you click the linky? All your questions should be answered, and you might even find some familiar (and noticeably absent from certain message boards) faces...

Matt said...

Did INH leave tformers or something? I recognize a lot of the names on there.

I haven't had much time for message boards lately, and Bacon threw a hissy about the guides not being completely exclusive to tformers so that was even less of a reason to hang out there...

But yeah, what's the story for tfino?

As for his shoulders, I really thought about it, but the only thing I could think of would make him a bit of a parts former (his arms would detach) and I really didn't feel like messing with it. Honestly, most of my stuff is just easy fixes that other people hadn't thought of, and it lets me do funny stuff.

Speaking of which, I'd better get back to cutting holes in a deluxe sized print out of Megan Fox. The post for today is late enough. ;)

~Matt Booker

Heavyarms said...


Sign up at tfino and PM the character there known as ST53. That'd be me. I'd contact you at Tformers, but I just got banished for 60 days because BaCon's a tool.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Cool addiction to TF Animated Ultra Magnus.

Derachi said...

Oh my, internet drama! How exciting!

Anonymous said...

One might even say you're... Ultra Magnanimous? ;-D