Transformers Animated Swindle

Alright, so its been a while since I made an update. I got a bunch of crap for Christmas, and I'm going to get to that, but first here's a couple of things I got for my birthday. First up...something from my brother, Animated Swindle.

Animated Swindle 1

I've only got two Deluxe-sized Decepticons from Animated, Soundwave and this guy. They're both great figures, but I think I like Swindle more. His alt-mode is based on a Hummer-thingy. I guess. Doesn't matter.

Animated Swindle 2

If they came out with a Hummer-thingy (I guess) that came with a gigantic-ass cannon blaster launching plasma missile (according to Hasbro) as a factory option, I'd definitely take it. But that's only because I'm sick of all the buttholes that cut me off on the interstate. Although it would be cool to have a big ol' Decepticon logo on the hood, too.

Animated Swindle 3

Some people are complaining about the flat-headed, bit-eyed aesthetic, but I like it. It's very homage-y to Swindle's G1 self. One thing I'm really diggin' on some of the Animated figures is the way the light piping is done in the eyes. The way the eye's are constructed somehow gives the effect that there are two glowing pupils inside the eyes. It's here on Swindle, and Animated Bumblebee owners have probably noticed his eyes are the same way.

Animated Swindle 4

I'm also a big fan of Transformer toys that come with smirks.


Anonymous said...

Wanted Animated Swindle since he was announced and now i'm currently waiting for him to turn up so hopefully i won't be disappointed...

So with Universe Onslaught, Movie Brawl and now Animated Swindle in my collection i only need updated versions of Vortex and Blast Off to complete my alternate Combaticons...

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled onto your blog and I give I give it two thumbs up! You've pretty much made my addiction even hard to shake now. lol!