Millennium Falcon Month, Day 4: Taco Bell

4 Taco Bell MF

During the big lead-up to the release of the Star Wars Special Editions, Taco Bell released a set of Star Wars themed toys with its kid's meals. Included in this set were a this Falcon, a Darth Vader & Yoda Magic Cube, a Puzzle Cube, a Balancing Boba Fett, a Floating Cloud City, and the slightly infamous Exploding Death Star (Which reportedly was recalled. To make the Death Star "explode" you press a button, which makes the Death Star spin and centrifugal force makes the Death Star open up like a flower. Supposedly these parts flew off during operation, forcing the recall and briefly causing a huge increase in demand for the toy on the secondary market. Nowadays, the Death Star typically sells for a few dollars more than the other toys in this set.)

This version of the Millennium Falcon is supposedly is a "gyroscope" and there is indeed a weight inside the toy that spins. It came with a rip cord that you insert to make the weight spin, but the weight doesn't spin very well, and the little peg on the bottom of the ship that it balances on is so thick that the gyroscopic function is really kind of useless. (And I've long since lost the ripcord that comes with it anyway.)

But I have one and you don't, so there.


LEon said...

Wow! I didn't know there are so many falcons. Kudos to you.

Anonymous said...

you must be going in order of smallest to largest..

Rawpower95 said...

One of those, and the Death Star O' Death (My imaginative nickname after hearing about the recall as a kid) are buried deep within my closet. I'd need Indy to find them.

LittleMonkeyMojo said...

Actually, I do have one and I still have the ripcord as well. :) Sits in my office window for all to see. Jeez I'm a geek.

Anonymous said...

i have the deathstar and the falcon but without ripcord.