Millennium Falcon Retrospective

The Millennium Falcon.

If there was one ship that you could say is synonymous with the Star Wars Original Trilogy, it would be the Falcon. Sure, each film opens with the slow pan of a Star Destroyer...but Star Destroyers are, much like the Imperial military itself, nameless, faceless, utilitarian, spartan, bland, generic, lacking in personality. No, the Falcon is much more. She has personality, she can be cranky, finicky, fast, graceful, or all of them.

Think about it, the Falcon provides an anchor point for the climax of each of the films in the trilogy. She's pivotal in the destruction of both Death Stars, and Lando and Chewie ride off into the galactic sunset at the close of The Empire Strikes Back in her.

With that in mind, I'm doing something a little different this month. Rather than just a haphazard, slap-dash "Oh, look at this toy from my collection" kind of approach, I'm going to take you through the different Millennium Falcons from my collection. I'm no expert, so I'll try to give you what information I know about the ones I present. I can guarantee you, though, that I will close out this retrospective with two versions of the Millennium Falcon that will make your jaws drop, unless you're some kind of cynic or something. So, April will be Millennium Falcon month here at Addicted to Plastic.


Rawpower95 said...

Awesome. The Falcon's always been my favorite ship. Probably because Han's always been my favorite character. And Han's my favorite because I really like Harrison Ford. And I really like Harrison Ford because I love Indiana Jones. And I love Indiana Jones because of my Dad.

So, depsite the fact that he never really cared too much for Star Wars, I love the Falcon because of my Dad.

Heavyarms said...

Believe it or not, that makes perfect sense.