Millennium Falcon Month, Day 10: Galactic Heroes

9 GH MF 1

I have resisted most of the ships from the Galactic Heroes line. They're just so cool looking (to me) that I'm scared I'd want to get them all. The only one I've allowed myself so far is the Falcon (although I have been tempted by Darth Vader's TIE Fighter and severely tested by the Rebel Snowspeeder and I'd be all over a AT-AT.)

9 GH MF 2

This Falcon came with four figures; Bespin Han Solo (I don't know where I got the ANH version of Han pictured, but he's the pilot of this ship), Chewbacca, C-3PO and R2-D2(not pictured). It's also loaded with sound effects. The button on top of fthe quad-cannons makes the cannons move back and fort (in and out) and also makes a firing sound. There is another button on the outer hull that makes a couple of "the Falcon's engines won't start" sounds. There is are two buttons inside the ship. If you press one a couple of times will make a few "R2-D2 fixing the ship" sounds. Once you do this, you can press the button on the outer hull again and it will make a "Falcon jumps to hyperspace" sound. Every time you press the button after that it will make the classic "Falcon fly-by" sound. This is only temporary, though, because as we all know, the Falcon is a piece of junk and its only a matter of time before her engines give out again. The inside of the ship is pretty much what you see here.

9 GH MF 3

Unfortunately, this ship was a Wal-Mart Exclusive. It was widely available in the store at the time of its release, but for some reason this thing goes for crazy money on the secondary market. Its a nice little piece to add to your collection, but I don't think its worth what sellers are asking for it by a long shot.

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