Millennium Falcon Month, Day 7: MicroMachines Playset

7 Micro Machines MF 1

This playset was released by Galoob in 1995. It's got some really wacky proportions, and came with some figures that are even smaller (and less posable) than the figures that were included with the Action Fleet vehicles. It's not really a Millennium Falcon toy so much as it's a Millennium Falcon shaped playset for MicroMachine vehicles.

7 Micro Machines MF 2

The included figures were Han Solo (in a Bespin-style outfit), Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian (in his ROTJ "General" attire), his ROTJ co-pilot Nien Numb, Princess Leia (in ESB "inside the asteroid slug" attire, complete with a gas mask), C-3PO (holding his detached leg ala ESB) and a winged bat-like figure that is supposed to be a Mynock but doesn't look like one.

7 Micro Machines MF 3

The ship opens up like a clamshell with one half available for the included figures, and the other half for MicroMachines. On the figure side, there is a medical bay, several opening "smuggling compartments," a working boarding ramp, and a chess table. Turning the table makes the turret turn as well.

7 Micro Machines MF 4

The MicroMachines half has three hardpoints where you can attach MircoMachines, a "working" crane and that's about it. Turning the large wheel in the center makes the whole thing rotate, and each individual hardpoint rotates as well. It's not the best looking Falcon in the world, but its nice and heavy, so you could bludgeon the cat with it or something.

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