Millennium Falcon Month(s), Day 6: Action Fleet

6 Action Fleet MF 1

The bad news: I'm lazy
The good news: Millennium Falcon Month has been extended by another Month!!!

Again from the Star Wars revitalization period of the mid-nineties, this version of the Falcon belonged to the Micro Machines Action Fleet line, which were six-inch vehicles that usually came with one or to really tiny pilots (not shown 'cuz I don't know where it is. They were really tiny.) This mold was released three times; in 1997 as a single-pack and again in a Toys 'R Us exclusive "Classic Duels" two-pack along with a TIE Interceptor, and finally in a single-pack again in 2002.

6 Action Fleet MF 2

My memory's a bit sketchy but I'm pretty sure this is the version from the Classic Duels pack because I also have a TIE Interceptor. The Action Fleet, for me, was really neat because they were just the right size for you to run around the room with a TIE Fighter going "eeeeeEEEEEaaaaaahhhhh."

6 Action Fleet MF 3

I think that's what they meant by calling this line "Action Fleet" anyway, that you could run around the room staging mock Battles of Endor with the couch serving as the forest moon. The "action" on the ship itself is pretty limited. The canopy opens, which means you can loose the tiny little pilot figure easily. The upper quad cannon and the satellite dish swivel. The rear of the ship opens up to reveal a deck plate. The deck plate opens up to reveal what I assume is where Han Solo goes when he's making it with a hot alien chick because there's a nice big plush couch in there (pictured).

See ya next time. Until then, I'll be searching frantically for my tiny little Han Solo figure so I can swoosh around the room with my Action Fleet Millennium Falcon, pretending to pick up hot alien chicks.


Dan said...

the upper quad cannon pops out, for a figure to sit inside too? At least my version did.

Heavyarms said...


I don't remember this feature, but maybe. That may be where my tiny little Han Solo figure is.

Rawpower95 said...

Han gets all the hot alien chicks, because he's such a badass. And Harrison Ford. They all want to kill Leia.

LEon said...

I remember this series. I thought it come with chewy too...

Heavyarms said...

@LEon: It may have included a Chewie figure, but if it did, I lost that one too.

Little Plastic Man said...

Hey...I love the action fleet series and I have most of the fighters like x-wing, b-wing, tie etc...however never seen the falcon in shops during that time. I have also review my action fleet!