Millennium Falcon Month, Day 11: POTF2 Carrying Case

10 POTF2 Case 1

Released in 1997 as part of the Power of the Force line, I believe this was the first time this case was available. I don't think it was made for the original run of Star Wars figures. The space inside the case are rather large, and I don't think it would have held the smaller original figures very well. The case came with one of two exclusive figures, Wedge Antilles or an "Imperial Scanning Crew" member.

10 POTF2 Case 2

The case has room for 18 figures (plus one that you could stash in the cockpit area). I'd like to tell you that when I got this case I was thinking "Millennium Falcon collection," but that ain't the case. Believe it or not, this was the first time it was possible to buy a Wedge Antilles figure. That's right, folks...aliens that appeared for half a second in the Cantina or Jabba's Palace? They probably had a figure for that. But the only rebel pilot to participate in the destruction of both Death Stars AND the Battle of Hoth, well, you had to wait until 1997 to get his action figure. He was available again a year later in a "Cinema Scenes" three-pack along with Ten Numb and Arvel Crynyd, their claims to fame being Nien Numb's brother and the guy that crashed into the Executor's bridge, respectively. This version was a less beefed up version and also had a removable helmet.

10 POTF2 Case 3 There were actually two variations for Wedge. Originally, he was released with the piping on his shoulders painted white and Luke Skywalker's helmet markings. This was quickly rectified, and I'm pretty sure the error variant is pretty damn pricey on the secondary market. But why would you want a Wedge figure with an inaccurate helmet, anyway?

10 POTF2 Case 4

I think the 15 year wait was worth it, though. Just look at the level of detail on that helmet. There's no way that would have been possible on the vintage figures.

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